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Welcome to

The P2P Life

The P2P Life recognizes the complexity of living our lives and fulfilling our dreams safely. Our diverse team of passionate travel and event planning professionals, along with our expert collaborators, strive to make a difference in the world and in your world; one experience, adventure, event, story, meal, and dream, at a time. Our goal is to curate the world's most unique experiences, and reimagine them exclusively for you.

What's Your P2P Life?

Together, we choose the best options that most closely align with your travel “wish list”. We create #traveldreams2memories with VIP perks and privileges.

The world has changed and so have we. Whether corporate, social or a fundraiser, micro or virtual, our experts will deliver a successful concept through completion event.

Our certified wedding & romance experts help design your special day that is meaningful, purposeful and filled with joy. We blend creativity and expertise during these trying times, to make all celebrations and affirmations of love timeless and unique.

We believe that travel should inspire a commitment to give back. Our like-minded partners create local relationships that offer you the most personalized opportunities to align your philanthropic interests with meaningful travel experiences.


The P2P Life Media

It’s a new day to dream again. We are excited to wonder and wander again – with an awakened consciousness.

"Thank you again for your COVID wedding back up plan. It was intimate and spectacular. Perfect wedding." Shane B
"Planned 2 Perfection team were one of the biggest parts of our wedding!!!! I can't describe the countless hours Camille put into our day. It started with pre-wedding meeting that was so thorough; we knew that as long as Camille and her team were there, everything would be perfect." Ashley P
" I remind myself of how much more overwhelming the process would have been if you were not doing all this work for us. We really do appreciate everything.Thanks so much for making our day go by so smoothly. We had an incredible day." Demi K.

Let’s make your dreams a reality.

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