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Our World in Change

COVID-19 and Travel

Your health and safety are our utmost priority. Please note, as the situation around COVID-19 and vaccines continues to evolve, provincial governments are announcing new restrictions and changes regarding travel and gatherings that may affect your travel experience. Please check your  provincial and local government websites for the latest public health updates, and any advisories on travel restrictions and public health guidelines prior to booking and traveling.

During these times:

COVID-19 has impacted everything we thought we knew about how we live our lives: from routines in and out of our homes, to how we define our work and get around. On an ever-changing basis, we are grappling with unimaginable cessations and restrictions on all modes of travel, of any distance. It has hit especially hard on how we interact with others, especially those we love. We have collectively lost family, friends, colleagues, and living legends, young and old. It has exposed our individual and collective vulnerabilities and laid bare, systemic racism and biases in healthcare, education, opportunity.  Our feeling of personal safety in our own skin has been shaken to the core. Together, we will find a way, an answer, a hope, and a dream for a brighter future.

Our Commitment to Diversity

Each division and professional, the heart and soul of The P2P Life, take the responsibilities of respect, support, and empowerment with the utmost sense of urgency.  They are integrated into every decision we make for ourselves, and for you. We consider your personal COVID-19 health and safety protocols, understanding the ramifications of destination regulations, framing realistic expectations, and choosing the most ethical and like-minded experts and partners to provide the best service to you. They are actively engaged in their communities. We represent many different races, religions, age groups, sexual orientation, and abilities. Our corporate and personal goals are firmly rooted in giving back financially and in volunteer and leadership capacities. If you have come to any of The P2P Life sites, we are excited to engage with you to find the best solutions to your problems and answers to your questions:

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Do you have questions about any of these important issues?

The World Needs Flexibility

The world is spinning at a dizzying and yet super-slow speed simultaneously. What makes it so crazy, is that most if it with happening without ever leaving home. The result is that travel and the rules around travel restrictions and safety is constantly changing – sometimes city by city, state by state and country by country. This has decimated hopes and plans for any, and all kinds of 2020 and beyond travel or event attendance from wedding and births to funerals and lifecycle events. We know you want to get away, but the risks, quarantines and closed borders are huge obstacles and should be taken seriously.

That is why we’re dedicated to be your eyes and ears for insurance, cruises, airlines, hotels, resorts, tour operators and event feasibility. We are committed to work only with suppliers who have clear and flexible policies and to advise you exactly what that means to you and your money!  We wish we could give you a blanket policy, but there are none. Not even day by day. Our goal is to advocate for 100% refund up to specified periods of time and flexible change and cancellation policies. We offer you all rebooking incentives available and up to date with specific cancellation policies. We are on your side. Since the start of the Coronavirus, we have been busy advocating for our clients regardless of the change, cancellation, and remuneration policies.

We hope to reassure you that your well-deserved getaways, unique experiences and once in a lifetime events are constantly being assessed and reassessed to ensure you will be able to make the best decisions based on your parameters.

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