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Your personalized, curated travel experiences and bespoke events are crafted by our hand-picked team, including our collaborative experts and specialty partners. They are chosen for their professionalism, passion, and purpose. Our goal is to offer peace of mind from dream to lifelong memories, whether you are the most seasoned travel aficionado, envisioning the wedding of your dreams or looking for transformational, give-back opportunities.

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Meet our Team

We are a diverse group of passionate travel and event planning professionals working together to curate the world's most unique experiences.


Collaborative Experts

Successfully creating and curating complex travel and special events requires a breadth of knowledge and contacts that can only be provided by a diverse, virtual, and highly educated, experienced and evolving team of experts in their respective fields. We are thrilled they have chosen to collaborate with us to create live and virtual retreats, seminars, panels, symposiums and workshops around the world and share their resources with us to gift to you!

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