Cara Kirkwood

Cara Kirkwood comes to The P2P Life from a very different perspective; looking down from the skies, as a pilot.

More About Cara

Cara began traveling at only 24 days old visiting her grandmother in Hollywood Beach, Florida. Her family would stay up to 3 months each winter and also visit other destinations within North America. She fell in love with aviation when she went flying with her Dad who had his private pilot license. She pursued aviation and has been a commercial pilot for 10 years.

Cara grew up in Northern Ontario and moved to Toronto to pursue flying in 2009. For the past 12 years, she has been based mostly in Toronto but has also been very privileged to have lived and worked in the United Kingdom. During that time, she traveled extensively throughout Europe on her days off and has been able to experience the unique cultures and cuisines. Europe remains one of her most favourite places to visit.

Cara’s interest in culinary traditions is in her blood as her mother is half Italian and an avid cook. Her mom and her grandmother instilled a passion to learn more about the culinary world. Flying, travelling, and cooking allowed her the opportunity to try different foods and bring those ideas home to re-create them. She keeps a log of different dishes eaten abroad and incorporates fresh ideas into her meals regularly. She is exploring the possibility of going to culinary school.

While flying is her profession, travel is her passion. She tries to travel as much as she can throughout the year. She loves the variety and often chooses sunny destinations in the winter and European countries in the summer. She brings her pilot’s eye attention-to-detail to her travel planning. Before the pandemic, she planned a luxury trip in search of the unique spirit of the Hawaiian Islands. Cara can’t wait to get back to Hawaii and explore the islands more as an avid travel enthusiast.

Cara’s appetite for travel has happily brought her to join The P2P Life, where she can continue to spread her wings and is excited to share her unique perspective on travel.

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