Andrea Best MD

Dr. Best is a California-based private practice physician, child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist, and nutritionist. She is an Integrative Medicine physician and teacher, combining Eastern and Western philosophies with her patients and students.

About Dr. Best

Dr. Best uses the following integrated modalities in the care of her patients:  food as medicine, supplements, traditional Western medicine, herbs, oils, Chinese medicine, mindfulness, spirituality, meditation, cognitive behavioural therapy, quantum physics, and food and plant remedies learned from family, ancestors from the South, the United States, and Africa.

Dr. Best speaks and teaches internationally about integrating the world’s medicine philosophies, the science of food, racial equality for individual and world health, preventative care/knowing and feeling one is complete and whole to prevent disease, self-healing, and the importance of teaching all people, especially all children in homes and schools well before 3rd grade, the following: their inherent worth and value, our collective connectivity-simple and clear quantum physics + epigenetic, an understanding of food to heal and thrive, how to alchemize with food and our thoughts to feel better/feel joy and vitality, and the importance of altruism for individual and world health.

Dr. Best is also the Medical Director of Ascension Media. She uses this role to teach and promote these understandings of the art and science of medicine and to elevate discussions about health around the world.

“My travels, including my workshops and retreats, provide me with intentionally purposeful and fun opportunities to directly share what I know about Western and Eastern Medicine, nutrition, science, and mindfulness. I am always fortunate as well to learn from so many, and all kinds, of healers around the world. The travel experiences are Always Purposeful… Always Fun… Always Enlightening and Life-Changing.  The intention now:  I am excited about upcoming travel, joining with others in sharing about, and directly and powerfully addressing, the integrated health needs of ALL children around the world.”

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