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“Travel Agents and Wedding Planners Post Covid Success by Collaboration”

How can those in the wedding industry rebuild their business and start to recover from the devastating loss of income of the past 18 months? What is the benefit of wedding planners and travel agents collaborating to create the ultimate wedding experience for couples while in turn starting to generate income and stability once again?

The impact that  COVID-19 has had on individuals and industries around the world is none more prevalent than in the multi-billion dollar wedding industry. The restrictions placed on society these past 18 months due to the coronavirus has thrust a thriving industry into complete silence. The unprecedented number of weddings cancelled or postponed have what were once thriving businesses and wedding professionals under immense financial strain. Many are not able to recover from the loss and others are trying to determine the best way to rebuild and start to gain some momentum once again.

Unlike most other industries the multibillion dollar wedding industry centres around large group gatherings relying heavily on hospitality and travel. There is an interdependency on the broader tourism industry when planning destination weddings and although planners and agents constantly work with outside vendors they still shy away from working closely with each other.

In this session we will discuss the “best practices” for collaboration success.  How to define roles and responsibilities, increase income through collaboration and how predictive indicators of recovery will affect the romance industry moving forward.

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