Cathy Perennec MacLean

Cathy Perennec McLean is passionate about people. Especially her family and friends. On the Road Again, could be her theme song, as family travel experiences have often revolved around sports centric road trips throughout North America. That special feeling of old and new friends bonding over common interests fueled her passion for multi-generational and extended group travel experiences.

More About Cathy

Throughout her career, Cathy’s focus has been to work with individuals and organizations.  As an international facilitator, leader and coach, with specialties in Leadership Development, Communication and Customer Service Skills, Stress Management and Life-Work Balance, her forte is helping them to bridge the gap between learning and doing.

As an experienced entrepreneur in the training and consulting field, her career has extended into many diverse industries from skilled trades to executive coaching.  Her 13 year focus on community building in the non-profit sector, will be a perfect recipe for success in promoting group travel in sports, family multigenerational travel and a way for fundraising through travel for the non-profit and not for profit sectors.

“There are many different reasons and ways to travel. Each provides a meaningful opportunity to create a moment or memory to cherish. I aspire to help others create memories through their unique travel experiences“.

 Cathy’s strong family values and love of physical activities and sports allows her to create the most experiential and exciting adventures for her clients of any age, ability and interest.

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